Projects: IRQLinux

6-July-2011 was a very special day in my life. On that day, I have started and publicly announced my very first project. It is IRQLinux.

The aim was: to create a GNU/Linux distribution for basic Users.


I must say, at that time, it was a wish more than a serious challenge to take. At that time, I had no experience to go on with the project. I tried to find interested people but that never happened. I stopped chasing dreams and put everything on hold with less than 30 followers to IRQLinux’s facebook page.

In March 2014, I have decided to invest my time into the project. Obviously, I’ve become more serious.
I started to recruit a team and then started working on the project.

On this blog, you’ll find almost everything about what we’ve been doing.

After recruiting more than 70 people for about 3 months, we have started already to work on the project.

One day in June 2014, only 2 people left, I was one of them.

I can’t deny I was extremely disappointed. I’ve put blood, tears and sweat. I still fail to understand how did that happen and why?

Since 2014 until a month ago, I have tried each and every single idea that popped up in my mind. I have changed the aim of the project from building a GNU/Linux distribution to a projects that offers educational free services and technical support. Unfortunately, that never work too.

In 18-March-2016, I have decided to step down and handover the project to my brother from another mother, Sonyguy.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. I have learned a lot from this sad experience. It wasn’t easy at all to let go my very first project. The most important lesson I have learned is: Life Goes On!

I have also learned that recruiting 70 people was all about quantity, not quality. IRQLinux was in need for serious committed people who know what exactly they’re doing and what they want.

While I had to stop my journey with IRQLinux, I must say, it was always good and useful experience. What does not kill you, will make you stronger.

Thank you!