Less Price Higher Quality

I was thinking before I build this website .. how much should I charge for my paid services? I used to charge around 80 USD per task back in 2014. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

2015 was a very special year, I have changed a lot and became a new human.

Therefore, I thought to provide much better services with very high quality and LESS price or cost.



That said, I’m offering my paid services for the price of 20.00 USD – 30.00 USD per hour and for those who live in countries of conflict, I shall charge 20.00 USD per hour only.

Wait, you can not pay online, right? so what? that is not a problem at all 🙂

Please check Make Payment page for more details or check this post on my blog. Remember, there is always Plan B, C, D, E or even F 😉

Thank you and have great times, wherever you are!