I don’t have time

Be honest and answer this question:

How many times did you repeat that sentence today – “I don’t have time”?!

Then again, be honest (at least with yourself) and answer the next question:

Do you truly believe that you don’t have time?

If YES then what exactly do you have?!

Most if not ALL of us have said and repeated the above myth for years, over and over again, every single day and we still do.

There is NO scientific fact whatsoever that could prove the above statement is correct. Actually, it’s VERY wrong.

Life goes on!

If I have to sum up the entire human history from the creation of Adam until this very moment, I can’t find better than: life goes on. Which means whether we live or die, life will go on and on until God will say otherwise.

Do you still think you don’t have time? If YES, read on.

We do have time, period.

End of story. I don’t really have to keep writing or trying to prove that simple solid obvious fact. However, I think I need to keep writing to share with you how to defeat that myth and pass on this knowledge and/or experience to everyone else but first and for most, you must learn how to change your own thoughts before pass it on. Be the change you wish to see around.

What we truly don’t have or lack is Time Management, period.

Time, whether you like it or not, is there and goes on.

The main problem is not with time, it’s how we deal with time. How we manage time. How to invest and make the best of each and every second in our short life.

I will give you one simple example and will leave the rest to your imagination.

I’m a mentor for group of people. I train them online. For 3 years now, I keep hearing or reading the very same sentence, over and over again:

“Sorry Ali, I don’t have time!”

If X or Y said or wrote that only once, I would never ever think to write this article. Actually, I’d never think about Time Management. Thanks to all those who said or wrote that to me, it’s because of them I’m writing this and sharing my ideas and experience in this regard. In fact, I learned how to make the best of my time. I’m forever thankful, really.

Back to my first question: how many times did you say that to yourself and/or others?

Allow me to rephrase the question:

For how long have you been trying to convince yourself that you don’t have time?

Scientifically, theoretically, technically and practically, you have spent a certain number of seconds, minutes, maybe hours or even days trying over and over again to convince yourself and perhaps everyone else around you that you don’t have time.

Let’s say, you have spent 60 minutes (1 hour) per week saying and writing “I don’t have time” and 180 minutes (3 hours) per week thinking about that.

Guess what?

You have WASTED 60 minutes + 180 minutes = 240 minutes from your life for absolutely NOTHING.

Guess what again?

You can NOT bring that wasted time back, it’s GONE! bye bye.

Now, follow this simple step and you’ll be the best Time Manager on earth:

Swap or replace each and every minute you WASTED on saying or thinking that you don’t have time and DO something useful instead.

Will give you another example:

I don’t have time to read your article.


I will invest 5 minutes from my time to read your article.

The first sentence will make you a complete loser. While the second sentence will make you the best winner and time manager.

Keep repeating the swap technique over and over again until you master it.

Life/Time goes on. You can NOT do anything about that. You can’t stop time nor life. You might be able to end your own life but you can’t end the life of 7.5 billions human on earth. Logic says:

As long as time goes on, let’s invest that time on something useful/positive better than wasting it for nothing.

The real damage is not only wasted life or time but a massive negative energy to yourself and everyone around you + a wrong programming to your brain.

What a catastrophe! What a huge loss!

Who would want all that? seriously who?

Hello? do you still believe you don’t have time? if YES, please re-read the above and if you have any question, just ask.

Thanks for reading and hope that helps!