Great things happened when I stopped doing that

Great things started to happen when I stopped asking people to “share” my posts “on the internet”.

Usually, whenever you go online and browse the internet, specially the so-called “social media”, we always see/read people begging or asking their audience to click “share” so that their posts or whatever reach more people.


And, what exactly is wrong with that?

Oh, nothing is wrong and I did not say it is wrong .. but have you ever thought about it?

What if those people invested their time to improve their products, services, posts, or whatever they are publishing on the internet instead of asking their audience to share their contents?

Well, I don’t know about you but for me, I have given it a deep thought and I came to realize that I should never ask anyone to share my contents but rather, improve myself and improve my contents and develop a way to spread the word.

Indeed, I have stopped asking people to click on “share” and great things started to happen. I have simply become much better and my contents have become much more powerful and useful.

The password is: investing time wisely and positively.

Given the fact that people don’t really interact with my contents that much does not mean there is something wrong with what I publish but it is more like people don’t really understand the depth of the contents I usually share and publish on the internet and that did not and will never stop me to do what I love to do, that is sharing love, time and ideas with everyone around the world.

What about you? are you still asking people to click share on whatever you publish? or you would like to try my idea? try, you will lose absolutely nothing 😉