Happy Birthday Ideas4Share!

Ideas4Share has been around for 5 years now. From the 1st of February 2015 until today, Ideas4Share has achieved a lot. Here is our latest achievement: https://youtu.be/z46lGQw6Wy0 And that’s ONLY the beginning!

The First Book

While this is my first book, I’m extremely happy and proud not for writing the book but for finding 8 other people who put their names next to mine. In my opinion, that was the real achievement. It might be easy to write a book all by yourself but it is definitely NOT easy to […]

KISS Linux

If you have not heard of Linux before, then this article is not suitable for you.  For those who have actually heard of Linux, Virtualization and have some basic knowledge, read on. As a GNU/Linux user since 2010, I’ve tried so many distributions and among those, I’ve always liked: SliTaz. Here is why: SliTaz might […]

Mentor101 Stage 4

Congratulations to: Ahmed Karim Maged Kassoum Sarah Mohammed Mustafa Web Eman Ismaeel Mariam Haitham Yasir Alamin Sura Riyadh Omar Salh They’ve been qualified to Stage 4 which is about to begin very soon. Candidates will receive an email from me with all the needed details about Stage 4. Those who will pass Stage 4 will […]

Mentor101 Stage 1

6 days ago, I have published on my LinkedIn profile about my newest initiative which I called Mentor101. Today, I’m glad to announce that registration is now opened and anyone from anywhere can register. There are 5 different stages. The registration form for stage [1/5] is ready – please click here. Before you register, kindly […]

I don’t have time

Be honest and answer this question: How many times did you repeat that sentence today – “I don’t have time”?! Then again, be honest (at least with yourself) and answer the next question: Do you truly believe that you don’t have time? If YES then what exactly do you have?! Most if not ALL of […]

Introducing Mentor101

What is Mentor101? It’s a mentorship initiative for 101 days offered to 9 people only. Where? We’re in 2017 so location is no longer a problem nor a challenge. Thanks to the Internet, we can meet online. You don’t have to move a muscle. Mentor101 will come to you, you go nowhere (physical location). In […]

FOL version 0.2

Back in 2016, I have published my first post about FOL. It took me 10 months to come back and write more about this project. Reason for such gap is because I’ve been beyond imagination busy doing tons of other things. Luckily, after finding a true masterpiece (a book) called The 80/20 Manager by Richard Koch, […]

My website has been updated – version 2.0

Hi everyone, After nearly 6 months, I’m back to my website. I’ve been working on updating it for many hours now. Everything should be updated and good to go. No promises but will do my best to write more often here. Have a wonderful times!

Deactivating my facebook account

الأحبة الكرام في يوم 31-7-2016 سوف أغلق حسابي على الفيسبوك لآجل غير مسمى و سوف يكون التواصل بيني و بينكم عن طريق هذا الموقع الإلكتروني و الذي فيه كل قنوات التواصل الخاصة بي فأرجو المعذرة إن كان هناك أي إزعاج و أرجو أن تكونوا بألف خير دائماً و شكراً  علي جواد   Dear all On […]