Website Updated – version 1.5


I am pleased to announce that version 1.5 of this website has been publicly published.

What is new?

  1. The motto has been changed.
  2. Less social media icons.
  3. Home page has been updated with new pictures added.
  4. About page has been updated as well with the latest information.
  5. Services, Free Services and Paid Services have been updated.
  6. Make payment page has been updated too.

The website is more simple and easier to use now.

As always, feel free to contact me if you need anything 🙂

Thank you!

Introducing FOL version 0.1

F= Free = Freedom.

O = Open = Available for everyone.

L = Learning = E-Learning.

Free Open Learning = FOL

What is FOL?

  • Online Platform.
  • Inspired by FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and Ubuntu.
  • For everyone around the world.
  • Anyone can join.
  • Exchange and share ideas, skills, experience and knowledge.


What are the features?

  1. Wide range of topics and subjects.
  2. RTAI = Real-Time Active Interaction.
  3. Learn anything and everything anytime anywhere.
  4. LIYL = Learn In Your Language. There will be mentors from around the world so language is no longer a barrier. Chances to find a course with your mother native language is very likely and common.
  5. Simple and flexible yet very solid and powerful.


Any question so far?

If you have any question in mind, please ask!


I shall publish and write more about FOL hopefully soon. Until then, please remember:

Don’t wait for the future, make it!

Free Ideas version 3.0

On the 1st of February 2015, I have started a very small project as a facebook page and I called it: Free Ideas or Ideas for Share.

My goal was to share my ideas with everyone hoping for someone who can invest my ideas to improve his/her life.



I have published many ideas. Can’t even remember how many?!

One day, I felt like sharing some deep thoughts as theories and the funny part is, those who didn’t understand my theories have attacked me and the page. I admit, I felt very disappointed.

On the 1st of October 2015, I have decided to stop publishing theories and instead, I have started to share my ideas, experience, skills and abilities from real life. That was version 2.0 of Free Ideas.

Many things have changed since then. I’m always trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.

Today, the 16th of April 2016, I’m glad to announce the beginning of new phase, let’s call it version 3.0 🙂

So what are the differences? what will happen now? you may ask and I shall happily answer your question 😉

Starting from this very moment, Free Ideas will be a platform where I shall provide my FREE services to EVERYONE around the world.

These services include but not limited to:

  1. Life Coaching.
  2. HOWTO Think Loudly?
  3. HOWTO Think Differently?
  4. Education and E-Learning
  5. Women Rights
  6. HOWTO Think Positively?
  7. HOWTO Be A Team Player?
  8. Positive Change.
  9. Mental Provoking.
  10. Emotional Provoking.
  11. HOWTO Protect Yourself From Brainwashing.
  12. Discover Your Talent.
  13. Invest Your Energy and Change Your Life.
  14. Improve Your Skills.
  15. HOWTO Fill The Gaps In Your CV/Resume?
  16. Technical Support (GNU/Linux).
  17. All About Social Media.
  18. Learn Documentation.
  19. Project Management.
  20. HOWTO Be A Leader?
  21. Improve Your English.
  22. and more …

If YOU or anyone else is interested in any of these services, you need to book an appointment with me. To do that, there are 3 ways:

If you have any question? please ask!
Thank you and I’m very excited about this 😀


Projects: IRQLinux

6-July-2011 was a very special day in my life. On that day, I have started and publicly announced my very first project. It is IRQLinux.

The aim was: to create a GNU/Linux distribution for basic Users.


I must say, at that time, it was a wish more than a serious challenge to take. At that time, I had no experience to go on with the project. I tried to find interested people but that never happened. I stopped chasing dreams and put everything on hold with less than 30 followers to IRQLinux’s facebook page.

In March 2014, I have decided to invest my time into the project. Obviously, I’ve become more serious.
I started to recruit a team and then started working on the project.

On this blog, you’ll find almost everything about what we’ve been doing.

After recruiting more than 70 people for about 3 months, we have started already to work on the project.

One day in June 2014, only 2 people left, I was one of them.

I can’t deny I was extremely disappointed. I’ve put blood, tears and sweat. I still fail to understand how did that happen and why?

Since 2014 until a month ago, I have tried each and every single idea that popped up in my mind. I have changed the aim of the project from building a GNU/Linux distribution to a projects that offers educational free services and technical support. Unfortunately, that never work too.

In 18-March-2016, I have decided to step down and handover the project to my brother from another mother, Sonyguy.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. I have learned a lot from this sad experience. It wasn’t easy at all to let go my very first project. The most important lesson I have learned is: Life Goes On!

I have also learned that recruiting 70 people was all about quantity, not quality. IRQLinux was in need for serious committed people who know what exactly they’re doing and what they want.

While I had to stop my journey with IRQLinux, I must say, it was always good and useful experience. What does not kill you, will make you stronger.

Thank you!



This video has changed my life

Believe it or not, this video has changed my life and I am sharing it with everyone around the world, hopefully it will help you to see things differently. I am not talking about technology, I am not talking about computers, I am actually talking about LIFE and there are tons of topics under the title of life.

Enjoy and tell me what do you think about this great talk?

Let’s invest sometime in writing


You have no idea how much I miss writing and documentation in general. I feel like it has been ages since I have done that and I think it is time to invest sometime into my forever passion.


That being said, what kind of articles or topics would you like to read?! mind you, please check my About section on this website so that you could have a clear idea of where I’m coming from and what kind of skill sets and experiences I have.

Whatever I’m going to write about will be here and will also be shared on the social media sites.

For more fun, why not join my Slack team?!

Please, let me know what do you want and I’ll be more than happy to do it 😉