KISS Linux

If you have not heard of Linux before, then this article is not suitable for you. 

For those who have actually heard of Linux, Virtualization and have some basic knowledge, read on.

As a GNU/Linux user since 2010, I’ve tried so many distributions and among those, I’ve always liked: SliTaz.

Here is why:

  1. SliTaz might be one of the smallest Operating Systems in the world with a full GUI and read to be used with or without installing it. It’s between 40MB-50MB only. Yes, no kidding!
  2. A great example of the KISS Principle.
  3. Very fast. You don’t have to install it so that you can use it. If you wish to do so, it will be installed in very few minutes.
  4. IMHO, it’s a good start for someone who wishes to learn more about GNU/Linux, have an old computer and seek simplicity.
  5. While I fear poisonous spiders, I do respect them. SliTaz’s logo is a spider. I just love it!


If you have previous experience with GNU/Linux, you can simple go to: 

Download SliTaz (the latest version) and install it to your machine.

If you are still new or have basic knowledge, I would highly recommend to use Oracle VirtualBox. Download the latest version:


Do not forget to download and install:

VirtualBox 5.2.12 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

Which can be found on the “Download” page.

It does not matter what Operating System you are using. Oracle VirtualBox can be installed on Microsoft Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux.

I have done a quick google search and I found this article. It might be a good idea to have a look.


Installing SliTaz should be very easy. You can always refer to the documentation or just do a google search. You will find so many guides, howtos and articles. Do not be lazy! remember, learning is fun and if I show you each and every step, it will never ever be fun anymore. Just do your research and if you need any help, you can always ask me!

Below is a screenshot from an idle SliTaz Desktop installed on Oracle VirtualBox running on Ubuntu 16.04.4!


Beautiful and really small, isn’t it?

I wrote this article for fun. You should do the same. I mean, learn more about GNU/Linux in general and SliTaz in particular. You will love it. I do and I thought to share that with you!

Enjoy, have fun and keep learning, as this is the best thing in the whole world!