Introducing FOL version 0.1

F= Free = Freedom.

O = Open = Available for everyone.

L = Learning = E-Learning.

Free Open Learning = FOL

What is FOL?

  • Online Platform.
  • Inspired by FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and Ubuntu.
  • For everyone around the world.
  • Anyone can join.
  • Exchange and share ideas, skills, experience and knowledge.


What are the features?

  1. Wide range of topics and subjects.
  2. RTAI = Real-Time Active Interaction.
  3. Learn anything and everything anytime anywhere.
  4. LIYL = Learn In Your Language. There will be mentors from around the world so language is no longer a barrier. Chances to find a course with your mother native language is very likely and common.
  5. Simple and flexible yet very solid and powerful.


Any question so far?

If you have any question in mind, please ask!


I shall publish and write more about FOL hopefully soon. Until then, please remember:

Don’t wait for the future, make it!