FOL version 0.2

Back in 2016, I have published my first post about FOL. It took me 10 months to come back and write more about this project. Reason for such gap is because I’ve been beyond imagination busy doing tons of other things. Luckily, after finding a true masterpiece (a book) called The 80/20 Manager by Richard Koch, I managed to change couple of major things in my daily life. It means more time and energy to work on projects I love and interested in. That said, it’s time for FOL 0.2 and beyond.

F for Freedom of Choice. Free Will.

O for Openness.

L for Learning. Focusing on E-Learning though.

FOL is the future, period.

Who are you to know that?! you may ask.

Well, look around you and start to analyse, observe and think. Where the entire world is heading? IoT? Searching for life on other planets? way beyond that? the rapid growth and super fast progress in almost everything in the world is leading to one and simple fact that is we as humans can’t remain silent nor stand still. We must keep moving to cope up with what is already happening around us.

For me, one of the most and highly important topics is Education. For so many years, I’ve been thinking and doing lots of activities in this regard. Not to mention projects as well. FOL is my ultimate vision in this regard.


Why FOL is so important? or why should you care about it?

FOL is not just a project, it’s a philosophy of life. It’s a daily activity. No human can live or survive without FOL. Don’t get the wrong idea here. The core of FOL is education and learning. The process of learning is one of the oldest processes humans had and still do. Can you live without learning new things? I dare you! NO ONE can live without learning. The second main difference between what humans have been doing for centuries and FOL is the platform or the way of learning. FOL aims to utilize the use of Technology, the Internet specifically. The very third main difference is the sharing part. With FOL, you can’t keep the information for yourself. You MUST pass the information to others. The ultimate goal is each human can be a mentor and a student at the very same time.

Wait, what is the first main difference between what humans have been doing and still doing obviously and FOL?

The major difference is: FOL will teach you something no school nor university in the entire world will ever teach you what FOL will do. 


FOL is about learning real-life experience with others. Above all, YOU can actually choose what to learn. No one can force you to learn what you don’t need in your life.

When you pass your failures before you successes to others, you are simply saving their time and energy.

What is the most brutal enemy to humans? unquestionably, it is time.

Now, imagine what could happen if we manage to start working on FOL and sharing our lessons with others? how much time we could save? how much efforts we could spare? how much progress we could make? it’s beyond your imagination.

I have so much ideas for FOL. Most likely, I will start with one or two very soon hopefully.

Thank you for reading and as always, if you have any question please just ask!