Mentor101 Stage 4

Congratulations to: Ahmed Karim Maged Kassoum Sarah Mohammed Mustafa Web Eman Ismaeel Mariam Haitham Yasir Alamin Sura Riyadh Omar Salh They’ve been qualified to Stage 4 which is about to begin very soon. Candidates will receive an email from me with all the needed details about Stage 4. Those who will pass Stage 4 will […]

Mentor101 Stage 1

6 days ago, I have published on my LinkedIn profile about my newest initiative which I called Mentor101. Today, I’m glad to announce that registration is now opened and anyone from anywhere can register. There are 5 different stages. The registration form for stage [1/5] is ready – please click here. Before you register, kindly […]

Introducing Mentor101

What is Mentor101? It’s a mentorship initiative for 101 days offered to 9 people only. Where? We’re in 2017 so location is no longer a problem nor a challenge. Thanks to the Internet, we can meet online. You don’t have to move a muscle. Mentor101 will come to you, you go nowhere (physical location). In […]